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My name is Alex Checa, I am in Fitness and Nutrition. The development of this blog has one specific goal: understanding physical appearance has a strong connection to your emotional and mental health, and vise versa.

I always thought if I had the perfect body all my insecurities would go away. Then, I met many girls that in my eyes actually had the perfect bodies, but somehow they were still very unhappy with themselves. This led me to the conclusion that emotional, mental, and physical health are all entwined. I stopped and thought, what is the main influence on my physical, mental, and emotional health? The answer: Food & Exercise.

Food is one of the most important key players affecting our energy levels, skin appearance, and what I like to call – “IOB” – inside out beauty, or beauty radiating from the inside out. However, most of us eat the wrong foods and when we start trying to get in shape we believe we have to quit our favorite foods (which are sometimes not healthy) over night, and alcohol is completely out of the equation.

On top of this, exercise! Exercise has a negative connotation attached to it already, as well as healthy eating! This is because we have been conditioned to think that exercise is going from one machine to the other, and eating healthy means only eating vegetables and tasteless foods.

Okay, now that we are done hating on fitness and nutrition, I am here to tell you I was once one of those people. I exercised to look good, rather than to feel good. I never ate well and had more Proseccos than I really needed. Not only was my physical health bad, but so was my emotional and mental well being. Until one day my body spoke to me and begged me for a change. After that, there was no coming back.




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