7 Ways To Love Yourself a Little Bit More

I started my fitness journey because I did not like the way I looked. I exercised because I didn’t like my body, rather than working out because I loved my body. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is.

However, I never paid too much attention to food. I thought, “I worked out, I can reward myself”. But I did not understand that by rewarding myself I was deleting all the progress I had made at the gym.

When the subject of “loving yourself” comes up, some of the most popular things are around self-love, self-respect, self-care, but what about being aware of what you put IN your body?

It is extremely important to talk about ways to be more confident, aware, and open to positive change. But what you decide to put in your body will always be more important.


Because without a healthy body, you cannot have a healthy mind, and if you don’t have a healthy mind, the quality of your life won’t be as rich as you’d like.

weird and healthy.gif

So let’s start.

  1. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend
  • If your best friend gained a couple of pounds, would you judge her and blame her for her lack of responsibility, or would you kindly push her to get back on track?
  • We, as human beings, are always nicer to our family, friends, even strangers. Somehow we are nicer to everyone except for ourselves.
  • We worry when our favorite people have a shitty diet. But we aren’t as worried when we have the shitty diet.
  1. Go ahead, eat those 5 tacos. But don’t do it Monday-Sunday
  • I don’t like the word diet since what you eat on a diet is what you should be eating anyway. But let’s face it, some machines and chemicals make such great snacks and desserts that it’s hard to control yourself. Protein is a great source of nutrients that are not only good for your body but keep you satisfied and fuller for a longer period of time.
  • Protein protein!– “One study found that increasing protein intake from 15% to 30% of calories helped participants eat 441 fewer calories per day and lose 11 pounds in 12 weeks, without intentionally restricting anything”.
  • Some great examples are: Chicken breast, fish, Greek yogurt, lentils, quinoa, and almonds.protein.gif
  1. Don’t leave goodies around the house
  • Being on a diet is hard, and temptation is even stronger during a diet. Do yourself a favor and don’t leave chips, brownies, candy, etc, on plain sight. Storing unhealthy foods where you can see them may increase hunger and cravings, causing you to eat more.
  • I have bought chips under the condition of eating them only on the “weekends”. Let me tell you, that never works. That bag was empty by the end of the day.
  1. Stop inhaling your food
  • Chew thoroughly and slow-down.
  • Chewing your food better makes you eat more slowly, which is associated with decreased food. A recent review of 23 observational studies reported that faster eaters are more likely to gain weight, compared to slower eaters (4). Fast eaters are also much more likely to be obese.
  1. Sugar is the enemy
  • Little by little, delete sugar. Sugar always seems to be behind some of the worst diseases today. Give your kidneys a reason to be smile today and go drink some water.
  1. Don’t let the opinion of others determine how you feel about yourself
  • Over time, you realize the bad comments  you get from other people always come from a place of deep insecurity. People project all the time. So as the famous phrase goes… it’s not you, it’s them. If you are on a journey of weight loss or muscle gain, make sure to make it your journey without the opinion of others.
  1. Give your body good things
  • It’s really that simple. They might not taste good, they might not make you excited. But what good thing comes easy?

Did you know?

In an October 2017 study published in the journal Obesity, researchers examined what happened to 14 of the contestants on the Biggest Loser weight loss reality show, six years after they attempted to slim down for TV and found out that the people who lost the most weight on the show “weren’t necessarily the people who did the most exercise — instead, it was the people who ate the healthiest and who ate the least







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