“Creating a healthier life style should become part of what you are, but not at the expense of who you are”.

Coming from a person who couldn’t survive dinner, any night out, or a random Wednesday date night per se without 2+ prosecco glasses, and someone who called the friend who wouldn’t drink “lame” and “boring”, cutting off drinking is actually not a big deal at the end of the day. Although I wouldn’t give up drinking forever, I have come to the realization that drinking or not drinking is not such a serious decision like many of us make it to be.


Let’s start with knowing which one you are

  • I drink because if I don’t I won’t have as much fun.
  • I’m fucking shy mmkay’? it’s hard for me to talk to people and a couple drinks relaxes me, now leave me alone and let me order my dam drink!
  • I have a different kind of connection when all my friends and I are drinkin’
  • I love alcohol, man!
  • I make friends easier, and my conversations are deeper

You see, when I was 17, my friends and I used to pay the club bouncers $20 bucks to get it. We would put it behind our ID’s and they would pretend we were 21+ after they felt the money in the back of the ID. The rest is pretty self-explanatory – we would drink alcohol like a thirsty fish, and yes, we would have a blast. Of course, we were 17 and we didn’t care about our health, or bodies – what did you say? it affects our livers and kidneys? Ah, hell with our livers and kidneys, we are young man!


But as you grow up (especially if you’re a woman) you start obsessing about looking young, and your skin, and your body, and a thousand other things – and you start seeing how alcohol is fun but goes against most of the things you want. So for me, getting in shape and being healthy did not match with drinking any longer. I was finally taking care of myself, and it was obvious alcohol wasn’t part of the equation. I wasn’t an alcoholic, but I was your average “YASS TO DRINKS QUEEN!” type of gal. However, after drinking, half the time I wouldn’t remember the exact interactions with my friends. And most importantly, it bothered me how shy and different I was without this substance.

vodka party .gif

So, I decided to do a little experiment.

I decided to not drink for 3 weeks.

I knew it was going to be tough because during this time I was invited to a couple of parties, and memorial day weekend was around the corner. But, still I did it, and still doing it.


  • My body is making a faster progress physically. I am gaining muscle faster, losing fat, and my digestive system is not irritated any longer (alcohol really unbalances the bacteria in your gut). I do not have to work out as hard trying to sweat out the bad toxins.
  • My sleep is starting to get synced with my circadian rhythm. (Yes, alcohol makes you go to sleep faster, but it’s not how your body is supposed to work)
  • I wake up healthy and happy, af. Did you know not having a hangover is a more fun way to start your morning? (dehydration gives you that killer headache, and it’s what makes you old as hell in the future)
  • I am finally pushing myself out of my shyness. This is huge for me (and it might be huge for you too, if you suffer from shyness like me). I am finally teaching myself how to relax and talk to people without the help of alcohol. And you know what, I feel way more authentic.
  • Going for coffee with a friend turns out is more fun than going for drinks. You get to know the real person and have a real conversation you will remember the next day. Kinda sad I didn’t know this, but I am sure I am not the only one.
  • And most of all, I am learning to have a great time without drinks. This is a huge one, because we make it seem like fun cannot arrive until the drinks are being served.
  • And um, I don’t spend a fortune in drinks every time I go out anymore. Sorta, kinda, maybe, really important.

Now, will I drink in the future? Absolutely! But I no longer correlate alcohol to the level of fun I will be having.

In other words, the spell has been broken.

Alcohol is not as special as we make it to be.


Posted by:The Healthy Body Equation

Hello! My name is Alex Checa, I am in Fitness and Nutrition. The development of this blog has one specific goal: physical appearance has a strong connection to your emotional and mental health, and vise versa. I had always thought if I had the perfect body all my insecurities would go away, then, I met many girls that in my eyes, HAD the perfect bodies but somehow they were still very unhappy. This led me to the conclusion that emotional, mental, and physical health are all entwined. Lucky for us, food is one of the most important factors that links to our energy levels, skin maintenance, and what I like to call; beauty radiating from the inside out rather than superficial outside visible beauty. However, most of us pick the wrong foods, have a negative connotation connected to exercise, and do no see the value in living a clean active life. This is because we have been conditioned to think that eating healthy means only eating vegetables and tasteless foods, and cardio is extremely boring and lifting is just for men. I am here to tell you I was one of them. I will walk you through how I completely changed the way I saw things, and how I am finally pretty happy with myself. The idea with being happy with how you look and who you are sounds easy, but we all know it is extremely difficult to get to that point.

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