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Time Restricted Eating Coming In Clutch For Summer Bodies

You’re not going to starve, so, relax.

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First, let’s have a run down of how our body works.

In our daily lives, we eat, and then we fast (usually during the night).

While you are eating, your insulin is elevated. This means your excess calories are being stored in your fat cells. While insulin is present, your body does not burn fat for energy, instead, it burns glucose from the last thing you ate.

Important: if we are in a constant state of being fed, our body will only burn glucose  for energy, which leads to Metabolic Syndrome: such as obesity, abdominal fat storage, low “good” cholesterol, and elevated glucose with eventual type 2 diabetes

Remember, if you want to lose weight, you want your body to use fat for energy.

Okay, with that being clear, let’s move on to a certain typ of Intermittent fasting — Time Restricted Eating. 

What is Time Restricted Eating?

Time restricted eating is one way of Intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is the umbrella covering different types of fasting. What you need to know before learning about this type of fasting is:

  • This is not a diet, but rather a dieting pattern
  • It has shown to be extremely helpful when looking to lose weight
  • It is also an amazing way to cleanse and detoxify your body
  • It keeps your body in a “fed-fasted” state in which you do no develop insulin resistance

Time Restricted Eating (TRE): this type of intermittent fasting tells you when to eat rather then what to eat. One of the most popular ways to do TRE is to eat in a 8/9 hour window followed by a 16 hour window of fasting.

For example: Start eating: 9:00 AM

 Finish eating: 4:00 (or 5:00) PM

TIP: pushing/skipping breakfast or pushing the beginning time of your eating window to the latest you can is a better way to transition into fasting. By skipping breakfast and pushing the first meal of the day forward a number of hours, you have will pass the 12 hour mark from dinner the night before. This is when you are truly in a fasted state and you begin to rely on stored body fat for fuel.

You can have your own variation if you are going to follow Time Restricted Eating. As long as you are only eating 8/9 hours a day. The beauty of of this kind of fasting is the food part; you can do this kind of fasting without the need to cut calories, avoid entire food groups, or count macronutrients like carbs and fat (however, see below for ways to loose weight a faster way with TRE). In fact, it is recommended to eat fat to help you with satiety. Avocado is one of my own favorite fatty vegetables that keeps me full for hours.


There are ways to speed up the process of burning fat whilst fasting. Some of the ways are:

  • Low carbohydrate diets (this mimics the ketogenic diet). You eat more fat and less carbohydrates
  • High-intensity exercise. This uses up glucose and starts using fat.

Best for last, Time Restricted Eating also has benefits your circadian rhythm. Matching your TRE fasting time with your circadian rhythm and internal clock helps all your body functions be in synced, therefore your body performing at 100%.

Take care of your body.

You need it more than it needs you.



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