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Keeping Promises and Resisting Crack Cocaine, I mean, Sugar

Astonishing, AF.

It is astonishing in a very unfortunate way how much the value a person’s word has lost over time.

Back in the day, if you said you were going to do something, shook on it, and failed – you would instantly lose your entire integrity.

The famous hand shake was where your morals, ethics, principles, and virtues were all compounded – that’s how trust was born.

handshake .gif


Following through with promises has been one of the main ways people have formed connections and relationships. Some of the best relationships – romantic, platonic, friendship, family, professional – are based on trust. In fact, some would agree maintaining any kind of relationship without trust is a mere waste of time. We put such emphasis on not breaking promises to avoid the embarrassment and the bad reputation

(Which FYI, tends to go around preeeeety quickly).

awkward .gif

However, as hard as we try to not be the person who is chronically 45 minutes late to every meeting or dinner, or the person who decides is “not feeling well” 15 minutes before you pick them up, or the person who says “yes” but everyone knows she/he will definitely not go — being flaky, late, and allergic to compromise does not only affect your  relationships with others. It affects the relationship you have with yourself.


Because if you’re continually promising yourself a better body for every new year’s resolution, a better partner after every nasty break up, a better job after every time you quit because they treat you like shit, or even setting simple intentions for change, but do not follow through on them, eventually you’ll not believe in your own abilities to achieve your goals and intentions.

And that is when your subconscious mind starts screwing with you, haaaard.

Every time you decide you are going to do something, you automatically hear a little voice in your head saying, “Good luck, last time that worked pretty well!’, “Who are you kidding? You will never get the body of your dreams. YOU HAVE BEEN PROMISING YOURSELF THAT SINCE NEW YEAR OF 1871 AND YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ALIVE FOR THAT LONG”.  

its true .gif

If you promise yourself you are going to do anything it takes to exercise four days a week, do it.

If you promise yourself you are going to eat healthier and resist crack cocaine, I mean, Sugar, do it.

If you tell yourself you are only going to drink a max of 4 drinks on the weekends, do it.

If you promise yourself you are no longer going to entertain women/men who do not show real interest in you, DO IT. (Seriously tho. Your guy/girlfriends do not want to tell you, but you talking about the same person is getting fuckin’ oooooooold. Just break up with IT already, Jesus!).

If you promise yourself you are going to learn new skills to get a better paying job, do it.

If you promise yourself you are going to keep your own promises, do it – because you deserve being great to yourself.


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