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“Not pretty enough, not fit enough, not cool enough, just not enough”

First and foremost, thank you for joining me today!

I want to start this blog with one of the many most important subjects; social media and the effect on the way we perceive ourselves.

Yes, there are tons of articles about this subject, but they are all too politically correct. I have yet to read an article that actually expresses how much it really freaking sucks to continually keep scrolling down on amazingly beautiful extremely fit women on Instagram, Facebook, etc, knowing you are not one of them, and feeling you are not part of it.  It is almost as if you did not make the cut; you’re just not “trendy” enough. There are four “Not’s” on the previous sentences — I think that is exactly how we end up feeling at the end of the day — Not pretty enough, not fit enough, not cool enough, just not important enough.

Some might deny ever feeling like this, however, as humans we are instinctually always wishing for what the other person has, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, we are not victims. I am not going to blame social media, or the 25 years of Photoshop used by magazines showing us actresses and singers looking perfect. Instead, I am going to tell you how to deal with all the things around you that might trigger your insecurities to talk to you and convince you that you are not good enough, pretty enough, or just enough.

If we did not have social media, we would still feel the stress of looking like the other girl, or getting as big as the other guy.

The goal is to be able to finally say:


                          i love you, myself.gif





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